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Separation Systems

XTERRA's Titan Separation Systems, offer high performance and full re-usability built on XTERRA's planar SMA technology in the lowest profile separation system on the market at a cost previously not thought possible. Offered in 8", 15", 24" and 38.81". Patent-pending.

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CubeSat Dispensers

XTERRA's XCD CubeSat Dispenser, builds upon 10 years of CubeSat deployment experience with over 300 deployments from legacy systems to build the ultimate in user experience, mission flexibility, and access, all at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Patent-pending.


Space Mechanisms

XTERRA's patent-pending planar SMA technology utilizes titanium nickel shape memory alloys to create low-profile, low-cost, easy-to-use, fast responding, electrically redundant, rapidly re-settable, and fully reusable space rated mechanisms from 5lbf to 35,000lbf+.

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